Check out these trivia facts from America's Treasures: 

   1. Where can you find the dive capitol of the world?

   2. Name the city with the first skyscraper.

  3. Where was Babe Ruth born?

  4. Where was the first rocket created?

  5. Name the largest cereal company in the world.

  6. Name the largest cave in America.

  7. Mount Vernon was home to what U.S. President?

  8. Where can you find the Wheat Capitol in America?

  9. What state has the world’s biggest telescope?

10. Who was known as the fastest woman runner in the world?

11. Where can you find the only Elephant Sanctuary in the nation?

12. What Triple Crown winner was nicknamed “Big Red?”

13. Who is America’s most decorated WWI soldier?

14. Who named the American flag “Old Glory?”


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You may have guessed the answers to some of these trivia questions.  America's Treasures is discovering the stories behind these fascinating facts.  And Nebraska Treasures is uncovering trivia just for Nebraska!  Join us as we explore the state and nation for all kinds of treasures.  And of course, we are going to take you to the places that have the stories!